Your Essence

People will always flock to you because of all the good qualities you present – your success, your popularity, your charisma…

Pay attention to those who have the ability to see beyond the good stuff. The ones who appreciate you for your nature – your essence.

The ones that view your quirks and weirdness not as flaws but as perfections – perfections that make you, uniquely you.

Recognize these souls when they come in your life and hold on to them. Invest in them. These are the special ones who will make footprints on your heart.

To love you for your essence is to truly see you.


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    Reply March 26, 2013


    Thank you. This is a beautiful reminder to cherish the people around me everyday <3

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    Reply May 6, 2013

    Winking Doll

    It is true. The friends who have seen you through your finest and your worst hours and still love you as a friend are the best treasures in life. It is indeed a blessing to even have a few of such friends.

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