What Vancouver Women Are Really About

I have seen some recent posts from a local blog showcasing “Women of Vancouver”.  Some of the posts show nothing but a series of photos of local Vancouver girls dressed in lingerie in sexually assuming poses. I’m in no way trashing the website or the women, as I frequent the site a lot and find interesting articles regularly. However, I want to take this opportunity to bring up the subject of how women are portrayed and also showcase what I think Vancouver women are really about.

Now, I have nothing wrong with women showing their sexy, glamourous inner vixen. However, when that is all you show, you tell the world one thing: “Look at me! I’m a sex object and get validation when men comment on how hot and sexy I am.”

To my fellow women of Vancouver – we are more than sexual creatures, let’s start showcasing the other aspects of who we really are. Being sexy is only one part of us, but is often the only part that we are seen for because of how we are portrayed in the media and how we participate in our own objectification. There are a plethora of smart, values-based, ambitious, loving, giving, family-oriented, independent women of Vancouver. I’d like to see that side of women portrayed, and not just how good they look in a g-string.

I’m going to take a moment to highlight some amazing, smart, beautiful, confident and SEXY women of Vancouver:

Devon Brooks – At 21, Devon co-founded Blo Blow Dry Bar, growing the business across Canada. She has overcome violence and assault and today is a sought-after public speaker who helps younger women deal with trauma. She’s recently been featured in Profit Magazine as a top Canadian Entrepreneur. She mentors other aspiring entrepreneurs, she loves nature, she serves on various boards, and is active in the community. She embraces her vulnerability and chooses to live life with integrity, authenticity and honesty. Now, that’s sexy.


Jennifer Maloney – The co-founder of Yulu Public Relations, a values-based public relations firm that represents sustainable and responsible companies who are making a positive difference in this world. She has won numerous international awards for her work as a journalist, she loves her dog Donny, is an avid Yogi and never speaks badly about anyone. She’s one beauty – both inside and out.


Sunny Shum – She is one of Vancouver’s darling fashionistas who founded the online accessories boutique, ShutUpILoveThis. She also is an avid blogger for PartlySunny.ca, adores her dog Rocco and is an amazing chef.  While she always knows what the latest trend of the season is, she always keeps it classy.


These women are the epitome of what sexy is: confident, authentic, strong, smart, empowered, and beautiful both inside and out. How hot do they look in Agent Provocateur? Well that’s something they keep private to an audience limited to their boyfriends.




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    I completely agree. This is what Vancouver needs to see more of. Chicks in their underwear are a dime a dozen.

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    Reply May 10, 2012


    this is a good read.. thanks 😉

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    Reply May 10, 2012


    Great job! I absolutely agree with you that this particular website was missing the chance to highlight not only these womans beautiful outside appearance but to let us know what else on the inside makes them amazing beautiful. The first time I viewed it I thought they had just mistakenly forgot to add the text. Hopefully they can start adding some content to go along with these gorgeous photographs.

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    Reply May 11, 2012

    Vanessa Green

    Couldn’t agree more! If they wanted to pose that way, they should not have turned down the opportunity for an interview so we could learn all about them and not just see them as sex symbols. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    Reply May 13, 2012


    on a sidenote, Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms in Vancouver that keep this city great.

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    Reply May 29, 2012


    A breath of fresh air as always!

    Awesome article Amy!

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    Reply May 29, 2012


    great post amy!

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