Welcome to  the launch of JustMyType.ca.

A philosophy I prescribe to that applies to both love and life is, “Be the type of person you want to meet.” So how do we become the best version of ourselves? I believe the answer is through our relationships. From our relationships with friends, peers, romantic partners – to the most important one of all… the relationship with the self.

This site will cover a range of topics from love, loss, self-esteem to personal development.  My intention is to help others in their journey of self-growth and discovery. If I can help one other person feel a little less alone, a little more understood and provide perspective that can inspire positive change, then to me, that is success. So here I share with you my experiences, my research, my observations,  my stories… my heart.

To my readers, my friends, thank you for all your support along the way.  Thank you for being a part of my ever-evolving journey in life, and for letting me be a part of yours in some way. I hope you enjoy the read.

– Amy

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    Reply November 14, 2013


    Hi Amy,

    I love your site! All the reads are so fun to go through, will definitely be reading this as a weekly to do list.



    Miss Eliza WonDerland<3

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    Reply November 14, 2013


    Such a rare gift! Thanks for promoting women helping women become a better stronger version of their true self!

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    Reply September 23, 2014


    Loving it so far. So glad, I found it on pinterest 🙂

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