Catch of the Week: Jasmine Lorimer

Name: Jasmine Lorimer, Hairstylist

What did you learn from your last relationship?

Not to do long-distance relationships. Every time you’re together it’s a vacation. You don’t experience life with them and instead are having a perpetual holiday. When you don’t fully know the person, you end up having to fill in the blanks and consequently, end up embellishing.

What makes a healthy relationship?

You must be able to communicate fully as trust then follows since there is nothing that you are holding in or hiding. Everyone has insecurities. Your partner should not judge you for that. Your partner should make you feel comfortable about sharing those insecurities. That open communication enables you to talk openly and that’s how a person can move past those insecurities.

What are your thoughts on playing games?

I find that it’s the players and casual daters that like the games. But the good ones they accept you as you are and want you to be fully in it. The good ones don’t buy in to the games.

Have you ever stopped dating someone because you felt they were playing games?

I appreciate someone who is honest with how they feel. If I like someone I’m not going to stop liking him because they are showing that they are into me. Of course, they need to have their own lives and I cannot be the centre of their universe. I don’t like it when men are aloof. I may give the benefit of the doubt to someone in the beginning stage. But after a point you just get sick of it and if it continues, I’m out.

You were once stuck in a toxic relationship. How did you get out?

I was so broken down in that relationship that it was hard for me to leave. I had to prepare myself mentally by visualizing the breakup and the emotions that I would feel. Eventually I found the strength to do it.

Why do you think relationships fail?

You have to be aware of what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. If you ignore that and get lazy then it goes downhill. The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. You have to make an effort to keep that spark going in different ways.

If you were to give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Be confident in you. Know that you are a catch. Don’t let guys manipulate you, try to change you or break you down. Don’t lose sight of your self worth for anyone.

Any last words of wisdom?

Do things for yourself. Love yourself. Be you. Love your life first and foremost. The people who are meant to fall into that will come. Don’t try to use a relationship as a source of your happiness.

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