Catch of the Week: Daryl Suarez

Name: Daryl Suarez, Founder of Painted Tree Real Estate Team

What’s a key lesson you’ve learned from a past relationship?

Always be honest and never negotiate your morals.

Who do you look up to?

My dad. Anything good in me I learned from him. He is kind, honest, trustworthy, smart, and has never told me a lie.

How important are looks to you?

Attraction is of course important, but the physical is only one part of the equation. Attraction doesn’t have one face, ethnicity, etc. It can be how they smile, how they talk … how they make you feel.

Can chemistry with someone grow?

You can build chemistry. I have experienced relationships where there wasn’t chemistry in the beginning, but after getting to really know the person the chemistry developed later on.

Is what you look for in a girl now different versus a few years ago?

As I get older, I’m starting to know myself better and therefore have a clearer idea of what I want. I wouldn’t date a girl if I can’t see a future with her. I’ll ask myself if I can see the potential for that person as a mother or wife one day. When I was younger that never crossed my mind.

What are your thoughts on cheating?

It’s a waste of time. Your partner is likely the closest person to you, and the one you spend the most time with. Why risk embarrassing and hurting the person who matters the most?

In a world of temptation and options, isn’t this easier said than done?

Don’t put yourself in a situation that can lead to cheating. You need to know where your own line is — perhaps this comes with age and experience. Learn how to read someone’s energy, reactions and intentions. Pick up the signs so you don’t get yourself in a sticky situation you’ll regret.

What’s vital to a happy relationship?

It’s important to be silly. Do things that are spontaneous and goofy. Remember that it’s the small, everyday things that make you love someone, not the grand gestures. It can be something as little as kissing someone on the head when you walk by the couch because you know the person likes that.

Do you believe there is one person out there for you?

Growing up I saw five divorces between the both of my parents. That makes me mindful about who I want to end up with and is why I’m extremely picky. I only want to get married once. There are a lot of great people in this world, but there is hopefully only one person I want to be with for the rest of my life.

Any last words of wisdom?

Take time to know someone, let things evolve. The person you meet in the beginning can be very different from who they really are. I think the best relationships are the ones that are built on friendship and care first.


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    “because you know that person likes it” 🙂

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